Ocean and Offshore Services

Since 1971 the DMI has provided strategic weather routeing to the global merchant fleet and we are now one of the largest centers in Europe providing this service. Our aim is  to secure the safest and most economical route in close cooperation and dialogue with the Masters and Ship Owners. In addition, we provide vessel performance analyses for single voyages or continuous for an entire fleet.

For other operations at sea, we provide our Offshore service with tailor-made forecasts for Rig moves and other transits, Ship to Ship operations and wind farm construction. Furthermore, we provide different consultancy services, such as statistical MetOcean analyses and long-term forecasts.


Information to DMI Maritime Services customers


Our Services

Strategic weather routeing service

The DMI provides strategic weather routeing for the global merchant fleet, where our aim is to ensure safe and economical routes. Our route planning takes the latest weather forecasts into consideration, including tropical storms, sea ice and icebergs. Long-term weather forecasts up to 30 days ahead are also taken into consideration.



Offshore service

Tailor-made solutions to meet individual needs.

Vessel Performance and Fleet Performance service

We are in the front  of technical developments and legal issues providing reliable, objective and transparent performance reports.


A wide range of jobs related to marine weather and ocean environment are performed. Customized forecast, hind cast and advice to marine projects are offered along with specialized risk analysis reports.

Education and Training

Tailor-made education and training covering detailed information on local meteorological phenomena are offered to user groups such as navigators, tow masters, shipping staff, offshore entrepreneurs, engineers and offshore operators.

Energy and Longterm Forecasts

The DMI offers meteorological Energy Briefings to Energy Traders with main emphasis on power trading in Scandinavia and in Continental Europe, as well as gas trading in the UK.