Climate Services

Photo: Majken Salomon Hess
Foto: Majken Salomon Hess

DMI’s Climate Services consists of knowledge and data of past, present and future climate for decisions makers, businesses, consultants or research institutes. Climate information suchs af changes in precipitation, sea level and extreme weather supports decisions on climate adaptation for the benefit of safety, economi and environment.


DMI's Climate Services provide tailored climate information to professional users and decision makers. Relevant climate information is important for decision making ahead of long-term investments and development of weather and climate-resilient solutions.

Climate information is consultancyanalysis or data on:

  • Future changes of e.g. precipitation, temperature, sea level, snow and ice cover
  • Extreme events e.g. storm surges, draught, heavy rain
  • Climate scenarios and uncertainties
  • Climatological data and monitoring

The Climate Services is based on DMI’s climate research and access to observations.

Further information on DMI's climate research:

Further information on DMI's Climate Service is available in Danish.