The Ice Service Setup

Photo: Martin Agersted Jarl

Safe navigation in Polar waters including Greenland has its own challenges and requirements and up to date, reliable and relevant ice and metocean information is crucial for onboard decision making.

Offshore sea ice and icebergs are always potential hazards for shipping and frequent updates for key areas to marine users are essential for the DMI Greenland Ice Service.

We operate an extensive satellite data flow and the backbone in Greenland Ice Service is Near Real Time access to Radarsat-2, Sentinel 1A, CosmoSkyMed and TerraSAR-X supplemented by the NASA MODIS satellites, Suomi NPP, NOAA-AVHRR and AMSR2.

For support of navigation the DMI produces a number of products as part of our governmental responsibility. All products and terminology follow the WMO Ice Nomenclature (WMO publication No. 259).