South Greenland routine ice products and services

The Greenland Waters south of 62°N have extraordinary focus due the hazardous cocktail of multi-year sea ice, glacial ice combined with a harsh metocean environment. Frequent updates of the ice situation have for decades been crucial for the Greenland Ice Service. To fulfill this:

  • We operate Ice Patrol Narsarsuaq manned with navigators with several years of Arctic operating experience.
  • Ice Patrol Narsarsuaq is available year round and 7 days/week for specific information, within office hours or eventually on call.
  • We operate a helicopter, based at Narsarsuaq Airport, for inshore ice reconnaissance and normally scheduled regular vessel displacements. Our Radarsat-2 data flow also handles high resolution imagery for support of inshore navigation. The helicopter can be chartered by clients for support of other operations.
  • We issue regional ice analyses for navigation based on Radarsat-2Sentinel 1A, normally 3 times/week in the multi-year ice season, but satellite orbit permitting focused vessels operational requirements. The regional ice analyses typically cover app. 500x500 km and contain the parameters ice edge, total sea ice concentration, ice class/thickness, floe sizes and significant ice outside the ice edge, for example belts of ice or clusters of icebergs, which can be circumnavigated.
  • Via NAVTEX and based on regional ice analyses we issue a reduced ice edge giving the mariners lat-lon coordinates for all significant ice
  • We have own contractual arrangements with MDA Corporation on Near Real Time access to Radarsat-2. This includes procedures for urgent or emergency deliveries of Radarsat-2 data to DMI from anywhere in the World.