Commercial Programmes on Sea Ice and Icebergs

Our operational Arctic sea ice & iceberg expertise, our ice database, our radar satellite dataflow and archive have a major potential for enhanced programmes on sea ice and icebergs. They can be made for direct support, for safety and for efficient offshore operations in Polar Waters, algorithm development or desktop studies on statistics, climatology, ice zones or input to risk management. Below some recent topics covered commercially by the DMI Team and partners:

  • High resolution iceberg distribution, size, shape, drift and groundings
  • High resolution sea ice drift, deformation, compression and forecasting
  • Desk top studies of sea ice and icebergs
  • Sea ice and icebergs statistics
  • Ice advisory focused clients vessels/installations/premisses from the DMI Ice Operations Office
  • Ice advisory onboard clients vessels/installations/premisses
  • Routing advice to ships operating in ice infested waters
  • Dedicated training/education programs for personnel going to the ice covered waters
  • Merging onboard, satellite and modeling technology
  • Deployment, monitoring and maintenance of High Arctic field instruments