Ice Services

Photo: Martin Agersted Jarl

Safety first! The maritime sector and the offshore industry operating in the polar environment have an extraordinary focus on risk management in ice infested waters, for example around Greenland. The presence and variability of sea ice and icebergs is always a hazard at sea, but may also be an obstacle for navigation from A to B.


Following international standards, guidelines and regulations the DMI offers a variety of Near Real Time ice products and services which are publically available. This includes for example ice charts, ice bulletins and inshore ice reports. All products are produced by our experienced staff with high Arctic navigational background or operating experience gained through numerous field or office programmes for clients operating in the marine Polar Regions.

The DMI Ice Services are based at the DMI Head Quarter in Copenhagen, with a very important link to our branch in South Greenland, the Ice Patrol Narsarsuaq. Both offices are manned year round.

The DMI has, via international science programmes and also our own long term contractual arrangements with data providers and air craft operators, access to a large number of data sources for routine ice monitoring. The DMI operates automated systems for 24/7 data processing. The DMI has also an extensive satellite and ice data archive

Our basic ice products (listed in the table below) normally focus on local or transiting marine traffic, fishing and harbors access around Greenland. Through a decade our data access, archives, Arctic experience and operational satellite data handling have been the backbone in numerous commercially tailored ice programmes for shipping and offshore clients operating in ice-infested waters.

The DMI Ice Service is a substantial and integrated part of the DMI ice-metocean organization. Let us know about your company’s ideas and requirements for your future Arctic operation. We will provide you with technical details and suggestions for a tailored solution addressing your specific requirements for safe and efficient operations in Polar Regions. We can provide solutions based on in-house expertise in ice-metocean support and include international partnerships.