The Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) delivers professional services and tailor-made products to professionals within the areas of meteorology, climate, oceanography and polar waters. The DMI Services offer consultancy, tailored products, joint research, measured data - remotely and in-situ, operational numerical modelling, hindcasts and forecasts - from hours to centuries.

DMI's professional services are founded on a high level of experience and research - combined with strong competences in handling, analysing and delivering large amounts of data.

The Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), was founded in 1872 and is responsible for delivery of meteorological, climatological and oceanographic services to Denmark, the Faeroe Islands and Greenland. As a national institute DMI is based in the ministry for climate, buildings and energy – and provides public service along with advice and data for the authorities also has an ambition make our knowledge and data available to industry and collaboration partners.

At DMI we believe that only through collaboration can we face the challenges that we face today. We continuously develop our knowledge and tools through research projects, funded internally, through international calls and through dedicated and tailored projects with commercial entities. Our focus is to bring new knowledge through our models and methods, into operations and public service, and together with our end users to develop products and services.

Our specific products and services are best described under the individual services, but common for them all are the various modes and shapes that the delivery may take.
• Consultancy on specific needs
• Data delivery – one off or operationally several times per day
• Tailor-made solutions to individual needs
• Webservices, portals or simple file transfers
• Presentations and participations in workshops
• Training and education

Common for all is that we are very happy to deliver them in collaboration with others, so that we can focus on the core – namely our knowledge and data about Weather, Ocean and Climate.